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When the going gets tough, mysti goes fangirling )

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Mar. 12th, 2011 11:49 pm
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Dear F-List,

Please, stop what you are doing & go here, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Srsly. It's so srs that I had to break out my Angel icon. "But mysti, these r references to Hawaii Five-0 & I don't watch it so I feel these jokes r going over my head *sad face*". 0_o u mean ur NOT watching H50??? WHY NOT? Go watch all 18 eps (trust me after the first 5 minutes u'll stop saying "Oooh I hate how mysti is making me watch this" & by the end u'll be like "I HAVE to have more H50 in my life!") and THEN read the post I rec'd. It will make. Ur. Day.

Best Regards,

PS Japan. Wow. Plz keep them in ur prayers & do whatever else u can to help out. I hate the fact that aid $ is so slow to reach those who need it. Need to do s'thing abt that...

H50 Vids

Mar. 6th, 2011 10:27 pm
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H50 Vids to Make You Smile Right This Way! )


Mar. 3rd, 2011 02:55 am
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Yes, shamelessly posting to use new icons & mood theme. Also, after H50Gate, (I'm looking at u [ profile] iam_space !) I'd just like to say: I did work. Booyah! Today had so many things I had to get done. & I? Did them all. \o/ And Boring Report 1? Done & submitted. Boring Report 2? In progress. I just feel...productive. Also everyone say hi to Alec Hardison, fellow geek, the subject of my icon, the resident hacker from Leverage (awesomely fun Show!) & (quite possibly) my geek soulmate.
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I've been going overboard lately...well no. See, what had happened was (lol...too much TV, y/y?) I had reports to write. Except they were very boring. I  started these late last week. I took breaks. Frequently. So frequently in fact that I finished compiling 132 gifs  for my still shiny new mood theme from 6 different mood themes. And watched ALL of Hawaii Five-0. And started re-watching it. And soaked up [ profile] iam_space 's various H50 reccage. And watched The Back Up Plan. cuz Alex is in it. & re-watched it. Twice. Decided to go back to work on reports but first: A Break! lol. Priorities: I has them. ;)  During this break, I wrote H50 fic (drenched in sugar, of course), asked [ profile] tempertemper to beta, chatted to her a little, did the corrections she suggested, posted the fic at my journal and at H50 TV, upgraded to a paid account & chose & ULd 105 pics/gifs. And whaddyaknow: it's bedtime! Hopefully I'm all "break-ed" out. Later: Must. Finish. Report. And then write moar fic :)
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Title : Danno & Monkey
Rating: G
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (A fact that makes[ profile] iam_space  giddy, I'm sure *g*).
Spoilers: None
Summary: Danny & Gracie's early days
Pairing: Danny/Rachel
Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise. Which you know. Because if I did, I'd have moved to Hawaii already. And Alex, Scott, Grace & Daniel would be on my speed dial. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.
A/N: After I saw Danny almost obliterate the housing commissioner I instantly made him Father of My Offspring. If[ profile] iam_space  & I ever fall out? It will be on the grounds that she claims he's her boyfriend. As if! ;) [ profile] tempertemper  The Wonderful beta'd for me *g* Also read is HILARIOUS!


Danny had never loved anyone the way he loved Rachel. )

Funny Vid

Feb. 25th, 2011 09:51 pm
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 Hey guys :)

Why yes I am anxious to use my shiny new mood theme & that is why I'm here. ;) Also this vid  is too hilarious to not share. [ profile] iam_space  if ur reading this know I just went into near panic cuz I thought I'd clicked something on this page accidentally & that it was going to navigate away from the entry. Apparently I do obsession well.
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 Many, many eons ago [ profile] simply_taken told me how to get a Bones mood theme uploaded. THX BB! But I have since become a Multi-Fandom kinda girl & so a Bones theme was cool but insufficient. As I saw others with their themes, I asked them where they got it from & decided I'd put together a theme from all of those themes. Granted this only has 5 Shows in it, which is nowhere near all my Show loves BUT I am excited! I think I may just pick moods when I post until I've used all 132 *g*


Angel            [ profile] chorelle available here 
Bones          [ profile] shadedcolor available here
Chuck          [ profile] feelthis  available here 
Robin Hood [ profile] rory_tutorgirl available here
Merlin           [ profile] tryingtorevive  available here

Can one of you lovely ppl on my f-list tell me how to credit these ppl on my journal home page? Thx!

Night & Day

Feb. 4th, 2011 02:09 am
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 Again, written for the Cangel Challenge. And again thx to [ profile] melissasdavid for starting this ball rolling & waking my muse & [ profile] tempertemper who is the most amazing beta! So much fun & so grammatically aware, rly, she's the best.

Fandom: Angel
Rating: PG
Spoilers: If the words "Hyperion", "Lorne", "Wes", "Fred" & "Gunn" ring a bell, ur safe. Also u know I feel obligated to bring the happy ;)
Disclaimer: I didn't create Angel (or it would have had more happy endings). I also do not profit from this (except that it allows me to bond with TT & Mel).

56. Cordelia sleepwalks…and ends up in Angel’s bed night after night. Angel fights between his desire for her and his sense of fair play (not to mention the curse) because Cordelia is completely unaware of her own unconscious feelings for him when she’s awake. )
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 Written for the CA At Last Valentine's Day Challenge. Feel free to stop by & request a prompt & write, write, write! I got into this cuz of my heart tether to [ profile] melissasdavid whom I probably have waaayyy too many warm fuzzies for & beta'd by the lovely [ profile] tempertemper. It was fun having u as a beta lady, which u already know *g* All mistakes r mine.

Fandom: Angel
Rating: PG
Spoilers: s'where in S4, after which I ignore Joss' canon all together & lead us all to my Happy!Place. In my Happy!Place Angel's soul is not in danger of going anywhere, no matter how happy he gets.

Prompt 15: I once asked a bird; how is it that you; fly in this gravity; of darkness? she responded, love lifts me. ~Hafiz )
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 [ profile] melissasdavid  requested an Angel fic with Connor & a first. I heard "Connor", threw "first" out the window & let my little shipper heart out to play. *blush* [ profile] tempertemper beta'd & generally made my day. I hope u guys like it :)

Angel walked down the corridor absently checking doors as he passed them. )
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[ profile] madman_magnet  beta'd (again lol she said she'd be willing to do it anytime I needed help). And the lovely [ profile] melissasdavid  sucked me &[ profile] madman_magnet  into yet another alternate Bones ship that neither of us rly liked but she prompted me & my imagination...kinda took over. For the ficathon

Read more... )
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Graciously beta'd by [ profile] madman_magnet. Thesis writing has ruined my ability to write fic & poetry, so advance apologies. Y'all can blame [ profile] melissasdavid, whom I adore to much to say no to (most of the time).Part of  'The Anything but Brennan/Booth!Ficathon'

She’s sitting on a park bench, waiting, coffee nearby, tapping out ideas for her investigative piece on her laptop. )
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Today, [ profile] anadxof celebrates her birthday. If I knew how, there would be streamers. And glitter. And maybe a strobe light. And DEFINITELY music. & her fave foods. Since I clearly lack this skill set


I hope it was 150% AWESOME!
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Today s'one sent me a virtual gift....made me smile:D They gave me a Yorkie. Now I'm not a big animal fan, possibly cuz I didn't grow up around them BUT my cousins had a Yorkie, who thought hanging out with me was cool & would jump up on my bed & wake me & look at me with huge innocent eyes (as if he didn't understand when I told him to get off the bed...I know u can hear me!). And he was an adorable little fella, who LOVED to have his tummy rubbed & he...grew on me. And is possibly the only animal with a corner of my heart. So that was an unexpected additionally cool thing. But, & this is the only drawback, it was done anonymously :( So I can't pm whoever & thank them properly. Soooooooooo pretty plz? Tell me who u r? And also, ur weeeeeeellccoommme:D I'm ALWAYS happy to make ppl smile :D
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Ok so I already did this earlier but a happy happy, ecstatic birthday to the lovely, fun & strong [ profile] simply_taken . Sweetie, I hope ur day is made of win...that many wishes come true & that the year ahead is AMAZING beyond belief.
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Acoording to the BGA Countdown Clock of Squee, we have abt 10 hours b4 S6. 10 HOURS! I am getting giddy with excitement. Unfortunately, I have to be on the road today BUT I'm coming back for the premeire & ep discussions & the like. (Of Course). I just wanted to mark the AWESOMENESS that is Bones Day with a post. And to say that the hiatus (& the seasons) r enriched by frenz who share the love for Show. Big thanks to the wonderful BGA Comm ...the ppl there r an absolute delight to experience Bones with. AND of course, mad love for [ profile] tempertemper & [ profile] melissasdavid  who have encouraged my madness :D (& suckered me into watching Angel :( Ok ok ok...Angel = funtiems, except when Joss is off shafting me) and the wonderfully STRONG & FUN [ profile] simply_taken  AND [ profile] madman_magnet  WHO TOGETHER WITH ME ARE AVOIDING ALL SPOILERS, EVEN PROMOS. YOU GUYS ROCK. And special love to [ profile] madman_magnet  who, on the Eve of Bones Day, made her first LJ comment ever & uploaded her first userpic. I am so proud of u bb! And so happy to help suck u into my addiction u be part of the fandom :D Also to the lovely [ profile] hmsharmony  who not only loves Bones, but Merlin as well (all of u need to watch Merlin...srsly) & [ profile] ayiana  and [ profile] ladychi  for the lovely fic. Ok, if u've written lovely fic & I've read it I've commented on it so u know :) I'm going to stop name calling now b4 I get into trouble. But the take home msg? HAPPY BONES DAY GUYS!!!! WE MADE IT! (Well, almost) AND WE ARE GONNA HAVE FUN WITH THE EP! YOU KNOW WE ARE!!!
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*gets up on soapbox*

Season 6 is  17 days away & while my head is still clear I just want to list my intentions.

1. I WILL be happy the 3.5 month hiatus is over. I WILL welcome every ep like a long lost lover home from the war (heeeeeeeeeeeyyyy, I know a soon-to-be-lover who was just in Afghanistan! *wink wink*)

2. I will rejoice in Hodgela like 4 year olds on Christmas with their shiny new toys. Cuz Hodgela? Is s'thing I've been waiting to see since S4. And  I can't wait to see how adorable they will be :D

3. I will remember that I am on to Hart. He thinks he can just keep breaking my heart with new lovers, old lovers, lost gambles & flying half way across the world. Well, no more. I choose to be strong. And to remember, as David said @ComicCon, no matter what happens Bren & Booth will ALWAYS be closer to each other than to anyone else. So if Bren comes back pregnant by some really brainy guy she shacked up with in Maluku, & if Booth comes back married to some chica he met in Afghanistan, I WILL practise the breathing exercises my dear, darling Sweets taught Mz Wick. I will threaten these newcomers within an inch of their lives chant "everything happens eventually", "nothing happens but first a dream" and "they will ALWAYS be closer to each other than anyone else" and wait for these inferior r'ships to wither & die.

4. I will smile like the fangirl I've become cuz hello? My all time fave cast is back! On my TV! And I leeeeeerrve them & can't wait to see what the story lines will be.
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The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble/fic of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (You don't have to, but, you know... you should.)

In fairness, I just jumped at the opportunity to get [ profile] tempertemper77  to write fic for  me so I decided to uphold my end & repost this here. Be warned: I'm _incredibly_ rusty. I can not swear for the quality of the fic that might result. I will try tho. I'm totally fangirling over Bones, Merlin, Castle, White Collar, Burn Notice, Royal Pains, The Big Bang Theory and Angel right now. (Why yes, I watch a lot of TV. What was ur first clue?). I can write from any of those.
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