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Yea that might have been overkill but I rly, rly, RLY need u all. Your mission, should you choose to accept it,... )
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 Many, many eons ago [ profile] simply_taken told me how to get a Bones mood theme uploaded. THX BB! But I have since become a Multi-Fandom kinda girl & so a Bones theme was cool but insufficient. As I saw others with their themes, I asked them where they got it from & decided I'd put together a theme from all of those themes. Granted this only has 5 Shows in it, which is nowhere near all my Show loves BUT I am excited! I think I may just pick moods when I post until I've used all 132 *g*


Angel            [ profile] chorelle available here 
Bones          [ profile] shadedcolor available here
Chuck          [ profile] feelthis  available here 
Robin Hood [ profile] rory_tutorgirl available here
Merlin           [ profile] tryingtorevive  available here

Can one of you lovely ppl on my f-list tell me how to credit these ppl on my journal home page? Thx!
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[ profile] madman_magnet  beta'd (again lol she said she'd be willing to do it anytime I needed help). And the lovely [ profile] melissasdavid  sucked me &[ profile] madman_magnet  into yet another alternate Bones ship that neither of us rly liked but she prompted me & my imagination...kinda took over. For the ficathon

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*gets up on soapbox*

Season 6 is  17 days away & while my head is still clear I just want to list my intentions.

1. I WILL be happy the 3.5 month hiatus is over. I WILL welcome every ep like a long lost lover home from the war (heeeeeeeeeeeyyyy, I know a soon-to-be-lover who was just in Afghanistan! *wink wink*)

2. I will rejoice in Hodgela like 4 year olds on Christmas with their shiny new toys. Cuz Hodgela? Is s'thing I've been waiting to see since S4. And  I can't wait to see how adorable they will be :D

3. I will remember that I am on to Hart. He thinks he can just keep breaking my heart with new lovers, old lovers, lost gambles & flying half way across the world. Well, no more. I choose to be strong. And to remember, as David said @ComicCon, no matter what happens Bren & Booth will ALWAYS be closer to each other than to anyone else. So if Bren comes back pregnant by some really brainy guy she shacked up with in Maluku, & if Booth comes back married to some chica he met in Afghanistan, I WILL practise the breathing exercises my dear, darling Sweets taught Mz Wick. I will threaten these newcomers within an inch of their lives chant "everything happens eventually", "nothing happens but first a dream" and "they will ALWAYS be closer to each other than anyone else" and wait for these inferior r'ships to wither & die.

4. I will smile like the fangirl I've become cuz hello? My all time fave cast is back! On my TV! And I leeeeeerrve them & can't wait to see what the story lines will be.
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sooooooooooooooo I'm new to LJ and sorely lacking in artistic talent (it's true...can't draw to save my life! I _can_ write tho but schl drained my Creative!BrainCells....hopefully I'll get that fixed & start writing fic, tho I _did_ manage 2 Merlin drabbles, so there's hope). BUT the absolutely fun & snazzy & welcoming & talented [ profile] tempertemper77 made this banner for me. Me! ME!!! (Yes I'm excited...what was ur first clue?). And it was taking forever to get it as my header cuz I also fail at CSS code but today it got fixed! And I am stoked. So TT if ur reading this plz to tell me how/where I can go to credit u s'where obvious & permanent for my new shiny David-is-awesome-but-don't-mess-with-me-I'm-srs-abt-this-spoiler-free-thing-have-I-mentioned-that-one-of-my-TV-husbands-is-a-trained-sniper banner. Thx hon!
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I watched Bones tonight. The ep was INTENSE...I loved it ok? Let's get that out of the way. But I am so deeeeeeeeeeeeepply WORRIED abt Bones being tired of the murder bit & 4getting that it was HER idea to be with Booth in the field cuz she's so sick of it all. It's like Taffett is succeeding at keeping Bren & Booth from working together (possibly & however briefly) in the future where she failed to keep Ange & Hodgie apart in the present. And I am sad. I will hopefully recover s'time in June, after I have watched the finale (where I expect that Hart may pierce my heart lol I wonder if they named "Hart" that with such sentences in mind?) and have interacted with my Bones aficionados & been appropriately consoled.

*sigh* I may even post s'thing abt the gooey goodness of this ep later, when I have gotten over Bren disturbing my world. And Sweets! Oh... I could have kissed him tonight! He was every inch their friend and not so much the PhD in Psych. I notice that he doesn't multi-task those roles well, so he slipped up (and in so doing wasn't as sensitive with Hodgins as he could have been) but his love for them was so evident that I just wanted to hug him. And of course Booth continues to console Bren, & Ange gets to be Hodgie's foundation for a bit, & the kids get to celebrate their wedding complete with a toast from Bren that NO ONE could follow (gotta love how she's precise in her statements which r usually filled with vocab that no one else knows). And abt Caroline/Booth:

C: How's ur gf?
B: She's holding up. And she's NOT my gf. (love his expression during this whole exchange)
C: I sure hope ur more convincing than that on the witness stand.

Also, can I have that pic of Parker & Booth? I want it. In my life. Now. okthxbai!

And Booth taking care of Bren...trying to get her to eat, to open up, holding her when she needed it...get married already! I know the perfect jail...


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