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May. 23rd, 2011 02:20 am
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Joined my first land comm & I must say: I didn't think I'd be able to fullticipate but wonder of wonders, I am making the time. This piece was written for a challenge where we had to invent a character to add to Leverage (Avalon McAllister), pick a celeb to play the character who had never been on Leverage (Rachel Bilson) & write a story of at least 150 words that showed their role in Leverageverse. We also had to make an icon:

and a sig tag:

I fail at these things so these were made by [ profile] teamhacker  team mate [ profile] palm__tree . Aren't they lovely? *g* And now, for the story:
Simply the Best

The gang was gathered in the place formerly known as Nate’s Apartment. A pint-sized Irish weapons expert named Avalon McAllister had helped them with their last job. Avi was the kind of girl that instantly put people at ease, which was ironic because she could just as easily blow you up. A passing comment by Eliot led to a conversation over beer which turned into a cook off, which Avalon insisted she would win. The team would judge their creations: it wasn't as if they had somewhere else to be. Who were they kidding? They had their own homes but were only truly at home in each other’s company.

“Yo, Eliot, it’s ok if you want to back out. We’ll just eat what Avi’s making. You don’t have to hide.” Hardison tossed his cell onto the counter.  “That’s the third time I’ve called him.”

Avalon stopped julienning, wiping her hands on a kitchen towel.

“Hardison…” Their eyes met and held.

“Right.” Hardison said, heading for his laptop while Avalon turned off the stove.Parker noticed the motion from across the room.

“Hey, if you turn off the stove-what?”

“We think something’s happened to Eliot.” And just like that the jovial mood was replaced by tension.

“Hardison?” Only his name but Nate’s tone meant he didn’t have to say anything more.

“Got him,” he said, voice a mixture of relief and triumph. “Warehouse district. Which is an odd place for someone who left to get some super secret spice from his garden.”

Avalon returned to the kitchen and began taking ingredients from cupboards.

“Avi, do you cook when you’re stressed?” Sophie queried gently.

Avalon looked up from where she had started mixing the ingredients. “We cost Channing millions when we forced him to stop dumping cancer causing waste into the local water supply and now Eliot is in the warehouse district? Channing has him and the fact that Eliot wasn’t able to come back here means that he’s in trouble.” She emphasised this last bit with a motion of the spatula. “I’m making explosives, in case we need them.”

Hardison’s eyes widened.

“Whoa!” He put down his machine and stepped back. He glanced nervously around the room, planning his exit strategy.

“Tell me she’s joking.” His gaze narrowed as he focused on Nate. “And why do you have things to make a bomb in your kitchen? Somebody tell me she’s joking!”

“Actually Hardison, I think Avalon is on to something...”


Avalon wobbled into the warehouse where they were holding Eliot, one heel broken, the smell of whiskey overpowering whatever perfume she may have used this morning. Her off-key singing was loud. The guards tensed reflexively but relaxed as they took note of the petite, intoxicated, beautiful brunette. She practically threw herself into the first one.

“Is this the rave?” She slurred.

“You have to go.”

“No,” she started, being just barely held upright by the guard now.

“You guys have to let me in. I could- make it good.” She meant to wave her hand in an all-inclusive manner but with that much whiskey, the guy was lucky he didn’t lose an eye. The second approached and now she could see Eliot, bloody and chained.

“The rave’s not here sweetheart,” the second man said, smiling. “But I can take you there.”

“Goo-good.” She wobbled some more and ended up draped over the other two guards. “Can he come too? He’s cute.”

“Nah darling, you don’t need him.”

“Whoopsie!” She fell on to Eliot’s lap and flung an unsteady arm around him. There was a bright flash, then three simultaneous explosions and the guards were never heard from again.


“What did you do Avi?”

“You’re welcome, Eliot.”

“Thanks Avalon, really. But I’ve never known an explosive that could take out just one person in a crowd, or that you could transfer to your target by touch. How-?“

“Man, that ain’t even the best part. She made it in Nate’s kitchen. On the fly. She really is the best.”

“Told you.” Sophie sing-songed as she walked by.

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