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In exchange for following these instructions , [ profile] iam_space  got me to write H50 fic. Her prompt : Danny is teaching Grace how to cook something... some family recipe... something Italian... up to you what the result looks/tastes like or whether Steve or anyone else is involved. :) It kinda went sideways (as these things do in my head s'times) but I hope Space likes it & I hope the rest of u do too.

Title: Never Underestimate a SEAL Who Routinely Breaks Rules For Sport
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairings: Danno, Monkey, Steven (why yes, Steve DOES get in trouble)
Rating: G
Words: 682
Spoilers: None
Beta: The wonderful,the awesome, the lovely [ profile] tempertemper . 'twas fun as always babe.

ETA: Now, with PREQUEL! *insert exciting music here*


They picked Grace up together, ostensibly because the Navy SEAL’s truck was in the garage so Danny had to drop him home. Like taxis didn’t work in Hawaii. His spidey senses told him Steve just wanted to see Grace.

“DANNO!” He could never be peeved when she greeted him like that. He scooped her up in a hug and twirled her around, sending her feet flying out in a circle. She loved that.

She leaned back from him a little. “I thought Mommy was picking me up.”

“She was but then I told her I had  to have you over today.”

Her brown eyes narrowed a little as she tried to work out why. She gasped.

“Did Grandma agree that I’m old enough to learn lasagna?”

“She did,” he nodded with a seriousness that clashed with the delight on his face. He put her down as they walked to the car. All in all, today was looking up for Detective Williams. But this was a place that put pineapple on its pizza so he should have known it wouldn’t last.

“Hey, Uncle Steve!” Grace said as she climbed into the back seat through the door Danny opened for her. “Are you coming to learn how to make lasagna too?”

“No he is definitely NOT coming, Monkey. I’m dropping him off, then it’s just me and you-“

“Why can’t I come?”

Nonplussed by the fact that Steve was arguing the point, it took Danny a minute to reply.

“Because you’re not a Williams, Steven. This is a secret family recipe, where the ‘secret’ is written in capslock with flashing neon lights.”

“Uncle Steve is like family.” This from the backseat.  How was it possible that she had half his DNA and would side with McGarrett? It must be all this Hawaiian air.

“But he isn’t, sweetie.” Danny turned a little in his seat to look at his princess. “Your grandmother would kill me if I let Steve in on her secret sauce-“

“Call her.”

Danny whipped around at the speed of light to stare at the man driving.

“Call her,” he repeated.

He rubbed his eyes and sighed deeply.

“You know what? That’s a great idea. “ He speed dialled New Jersey and put it on speaker.

“Hey, Ma.”

Even in two syllables, Steve could hear how tenderly Danny loved his mother.

“Daniel! So glad you called. Did you guys get all the ingredients?’

“Yeah, Ma, we did. Listen, Gracie wants to know why Steve can’t help with the cooking.”

“Hi, Mrs. Williams!” Steve called out from the driver’s seat.

“Stevie, ma boy! How’s it hanging?”

“I’m well, Mrs. Williams.”

Danny pointed a finger at Steve. “You. Shut up. Ma? Since when do you speak to Steven like that?”

“We talk.”


“Sometimes when Grace calls me. Honestly, Danny, it’s 'Danno this' & 'Uncle Steve that' with your girl. I feel like I know him. Wait, is it this Steven that wants to help with the cooking?”

He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. He had a bad feeling about this.


“Oh. Stevie?”

“Yes, Mrs. Williams?”

“Do you promise that if we let you in on the recipe you won’t share it with another living soul?”

“I promise.”

“Ok then. The word of a decorated SEAL that my grandbaby so obviously adores is good enough for me.”

“Are you kidding me? She’s kidding right? This is some sort of test? April Fools? What do you mean ‘good enough’? Ma, you practically skinned me alive the one time-.”

“Oh shush. Food should bring people together. You kids have fun!”

“You’re getting soft in your old age, Ma.”

“Thanks Grandma!”

“Ooh! Gracie’s there? Lemme talk to her!”

Danny took the phone off speaker and passed it to Grace.

In a deceptively calm voice, and carefully avoiding eye contact, he addressed his partner. “From now on, Steven, please refrain from using your Army-"


“- Jedi mind tricks on my mother. She’s an elderly civilian.”

“I didn’t do any-"

Danny held up a hand. “I don’t want to hear it.”


“Just drive.”



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