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Many weeks ago, I wrote Never Understimate a SEAL Who Routinely Breaks Rules for Sport ( exchange for ppl supporting my team at [ profile] leverageland  . Many ppl wanted to see the back story to the piece, which was hard for me to write & ended up being two short pieces: a prequel & a sequel (which is with my beta).

Title: Prequel: Never Underestimate A SEAL's Desire for Family
Fandom: H50
Rating: G
Words: 1, 085
Ppl: Steve, Danny, Grace, Mrs. Angela Williams
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Beta: [ profile] iam_space  , who I am fortunate to know. :)

Is this the famous Uncle Steve? )
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Guys, my boy bestie was talking to me online & said here this is for you. Here thar be reasons for the # of GREAT guys on TV )
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In exchange for following these instructions , [ profile] iam_space  got me to write H50 fic. Her (2nd) prompt : As we were left in the finale, Grace and Rachel have flown off to Jersey and Danny is in Hawaii. I'm positive he's keeping in touch with them and has pretty regular phone calls with his Monkey. I wanna "see" these. A series of snippets perhaps? :) 

Title: Unlimited Long Distance
Fandom: H50
Pairings: Danny/Rachel, Grace
Rating: G
Words: 1175
Spoilers: Just what is stated in the prompt.
Warnings: None
Beta: *drum roll* [ profile] tempertemper ;) (It's clear by now that I adore her, right?)


Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you )





Jun. 23rd, 2011 10:47 pm
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u guys? Team Hacker ended up with 298 votes. More flailing gratitude right this way! )
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In exchange for following these instructions , [ profile] iam_space  got me to write H50 fic. Her prompt : Danny is teaching Grace how to cook something... some family recipe... something Italian... up to you what the result looks/tastes like or whether Steve or anyone else is involved. :) It kinda went sideways (as these things do in my head s'times) but I hope Space likes it & I hope the rest of u do too.

Title: Never Underestimate a SEAL Who Routinely Breaks Rules For Sport
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairings: Danno, Monkey, Steven (why yes, Steve DOES get in trouble)
Rating: G
Words: 682
Spoilers: None
Beta: The wonderful,the awesome, the lovely [ profile] tempertemper . 'twas fun as always babe.

ETA: Now, with PREQUEL! *insert exciting music here*


Admit One )



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Yea that might have been overkill but I rly, rly, RLY need u all. Your mission, should you choose to accept it,... )
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Continuing with the 5 questions game, only [ profile] tinnny  decided to focus on my fandom loves.

Abt my inner fangirl... )


Mar. 3rd, 2011 02:55 am
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Yes, shamelessly posting to use new icons & mood theme. Also, after H50Gate, (I'm looking at u [ profile] iam_space !) I'd just like to say: I did work. Booyah! Today had so many things I had to get done. & I? Did them all. \o/ And Boring Report 1? Done & submitted. Boring Report 2? In progress. I just feel...productive. Also everyone say hi to Alec Hardison, fellow geek, the subject of my icon, the resident hacker from Leverage (awesomely fun Show!) & (quite possibly) my geek soulmate.
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I've been going overboard lately...well no. See, what had happened was (lol...too much TV, y/y?) I had reports to write. Except they were very boring. I  started these late last week. I took breaks. Frequently. So frequently in fact that I finished compiling 132 gifs  for my still shiny new mood theme from 6 different mood themes. And watched ALL of Hawaii Five-0. And started re-watching it. And soaked up [ profile] iam_space 's various H50 reccage. And watched The Back Up Plan. cuz Alex is in it. & re-watched it. Twice. Decided to go back to work on reports but first: A Break! lol. Priorities: I has them. ;)  During this break, I wrote H50 fic (drenched in sugar, of course), asked [ profile] tempertemper to beta, chatted to her a little, did the corrections she suggested, posted the fic at my journal and at H50 TV, upgraded to a paid account & chose & ULd 105 pics/gifs. And whaddyaknow: it's bedtime! Hopefully I'm all "break-ed" out. Later: Must. Finish. Report. And then write moar fic :)


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