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Continuing with the 5 questions game, only [ profile] tinnny  decided to focus on my fandom loves.

+ What's your all time favorite pairing (and why)?

Hodgela. (Dr. Jack Hodgins & Mrs. Angela Montenegro-Hodgins, Bones). I really shouldn't be able to choose since I love so many OTPs across so many fandoms but whenever I think about what I'd want in a r'ship I always come back to these two. There are things I'd do differently or not want in my own RL r'ship but I adore them so. I love that both Jack & Ange are so full of joy and wonder even though they've seen enough gore & our capacity to be completely barbaric to our fellow man. I love that Jack pwns his science (& 3 PhDs) without apology--- he doesn't care if you don't get whey he's so excited about whatever discovery he's made, he just bursts in excited anyway (give him a minute, he'll dumb it down for u).

As for their r'ship I love that Jack has long since passed what I call the Endorphin/Oxytocin induced haze that most couples are in when they fall in love & has progressed into what I call Real Love. In Real Love, you have the object of ur love front & centre even at great cost to urself. (For instance, Jack offering to be whatever Angela needed when she thought she was carrying Wendell's baby---if that meant giving her money, or marrying her or just listening when she needed it, he was willing & able.) That took guts: he made himself vulnerable to a woman who had left him a few years prior & was now sleeping with one of his close friends. & yet he did it anyway. I like that Angela's free spiritedness balances out Jack's calmer disposition. I love how supportive Ange is of him. I love that she doesn't ask him to change but tries to see the world from his perspective. And I love watching them together. u get the feeling that ur in the presence of something as fragile as a spider's web & yet simultaneously as strong as tempered steel. u can shatter Jack or Ange, but if u let them get together they are impregnable, indefatigable. I adore that.

+ Do you like/prefer het or slash and why?

I prefer het. I can't see slash. If the characters were gay on Show then it'd be different--this is how the creators drew them & so the Q for me would be do I want to watch that? But when I get invested into a Show & start shipping ppl & then I see in fandom where u have A. broken up my OTP 2. Made one (or both) of them gay 3. Put them with a new partner I get sad. I take my Show romances very srsly & I take canon very srsly. Canon tells me who these pppl are & I need them to stay in character even if in fic u put them in different scenarios.

+ Do you have fangirl friends in RL?

No alas, none as rabid as I, tho I do have 2 friends I can call about Bones & Chuck.

+ Who did you always want to meet and what would you talk to them about?

Thomas Alva Edison. He's been dead a while though so that's impossible but I'm intrigued by the way he never gave up no matter how badly the odds seemed stacked against him. He viewed every failure as a stepping stone (now he knew what not to do). I'd just want to hang out with him & figure what made him tick cuz I could use some of that unstoppable mentality IRL.

+ Which small niche fandom should have more fans? Convince me why.

Chuck. Srsly. & this may be because every season fans have to get creative with the campaigning to keep it from cancellation. I don't understand why though, cuz Chuck gets better with age. Chuck has it all: drama, love & family r'ships, spy drama, comedy, OTP that eventually gets to RST & is 100% adorkable along the way. Chuck has some of the best character development I have ever seen & is the only fandom I'm in where TPTB did not drag out the UST to unbearable lengths. They had hiccups, yes, but when they got all those things resolved it was magical. & I love how every cast member is so interestingly written. If Chuck & Sarah disappeared for a few eps I'd still tune in. & their bad guys r ALWAYS excellent ( Volkoff, The Ring, Fulcrum, Roarke).


Leverage. I have no idea how many fans this has but I wish more of my friends would watch it so I'd have company. Leverage takes criminals who are at the top of their games & uses their skills to fight for the little guy. There's a hacker who once hacked into the national bank of Iceland & wired money to himself to pay off his Nana's medical bills, a retrieval specialist who hates guns but never loses a fight, a terrible actress who can con anyone, anywhere (including a US ambassador whom she convinced that she was royalty & he gave her a hefty cheque towards some cause in her supposed nation, a slightly insane thief who is really a child at heart who spends her weekends running thru in her head how to break into various banks and an insurance investigator who used to hunt them all who now plans their cons.

They do a lot with very little. I mean there's only five of them, they shouldn't be able to wield so much power. (In one episode, to bring down an international arms dealer/mercenary/Satan's apprentice they take a nobody in the presidential race, build his self-esteem, pit him against a guy who has never lost, make him a sensation with the ppl & before you can say "press conference" Mr. Nobody is the Hope of His Nation, is 100% confident in his plans & policies & takes a stand against the corrupt government of the day & is elected President.) The pull of Leverage is mental: how are they gonna get the various ppl involved to do what they need them to do in order to bring justice to this week's bad guy? But while they're busy doing the impossible, there is wit, romance, snarkiness, humour, character development & 5 ppl who swore they would always work alone melding into a real family, sticking their necks out for each other & refusing to leave anybody behind. AND they help each other heal from the wounds of their past along the way. PLUS in every con they have different roles so it's always fresh & every now & again one of them ends up in a role that is waaaaaaaaaayy outside their comfort zone. & then they grow some more. AWESOME.
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