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Guys, my boy bestie was talking to me online & said here this is for you. Here thar be reasons for the # of GREAT guys on TV )
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[ profile] railise  graciously voted for Team Hacker & thus earned the right to ask me to fill a prompt. She wanted fluff but this wound up being hurt/comfort. I hope u like it!

Title: I'll Stand By You
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: G
Pairings: Arthur/Gwen, Merlin
Words: 790
Spoilers: None
Beta:[ profile] tempertemper  who is the most amazing person at sniffing out spelling & grammatical errors & fixing dialogue & such. She ROCKS.

Comfort, my people )



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[ profile] mustbethursday3  graciously voted for Team Hacker & thus earned the right to ask me to fill this insane prompt : I would like some Castle! castle. merlin XD Detective!Gwen solving murders with Writer!Arthur on her heels. They get stuck on a rooftop, and something somewhere is wired to explode in less than 6 minutes...Gwen loses her cool. Th, hon, I hope u like this. *fingers crossed*

Title: A Prat, His Butler, A Queen  & Two Knights Walk Into A NY Precinct
Fandom: Merlin with a Castle flair
Rating: G
Words: 1402
Spoilers: None
Beta:[ profile] tempertemper  who is the most amazing person at sniffing out spelling & grammatical errors & generally making me feel more like the piece is not utter rot. Plus we bond & giggle, so that's always good fun :D


Potential crack!fic fix this way )



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Yea that might have been overkill but I rly, rly, RLY need u all. Your mission, should you choose to accept it,... )
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 Many, many eons ago [ profile] simply_taken told me how to get a Bones mood theme uploaded. THX BB! But I have since become a Multi-Fandom kinda girl & so a Bones theme was cool but insufficient. As I saw others with their themes, I asked them where they got it from & decided I'd put together a theme from all of those themes. Granted this only has 5 Shows in it, which is nowhere near all my Show loves BUT I am excited! I think I may just pick moods when I post until I've used all 132 *g*


Angel            [ profile] chorelle available here 
Bones          [ profile] shadedcolor available here
Chuck          [ profile] feelthis  available here 
Robin Hood [ profile] rory_tutorgirl available here
Merlin           [ profile] tryingtorevive  available here

Can one of you lovely ppl on my f-list tell me how to credit these ppl on my journal home page? Thx!
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Acoording to the BGA Countdown Clock of Squee, we have abt 10 hours b4 S6. 10 HOURS! I am getting giddy with excitement. Unfortunately, I have to be on the road today BUT I'm coming back for the premeire & ep discussions & the like. (Of Course). I just wanted to mark the AWESOMENESS that is Bones Day with a post. And to say that the hiatus (& the seasons) r enriched by frenz who share the love for Show. Big thanks to the wonderful BGA Comm ...the ppl there r an absolute delight to experience Bones with. AND of course, mad love for [ profile] tempertemper & [ profile] melissasdavid  who have encouraged my madness :D (& suckered me into watching Angel :( Ok ok ok...Angel = funtiems, except when Joss is off shafting me) and the wonderfully STRONG & FUN [ profile] simply_taken  AND [ profile] madman_magnet  WHO TOGETHER WITH ME ARE AVOIDING ALL SPOILERS, EVEN PROMOS. YOU GUYS ROCK. And special love to [ profile] madman_magnet  who, on the Eve of Bones Day, made her first LJ comment ever & uploaded her first userpic. I am so proud of u bb! And so happy to help suck u into my addiction u be part of the fandom :D Also to the lovely [ profile] hmsharmony  who not only loves Bones, but Merlin as well (all of u need to watch Merlin...srsly) & [ profile] ayiana  and [ profile] ladychi  for the lovely fic. Ok, if u've written lovely fic & I've read it I've commented on it so u know :) I'm going to stop name calling now b4 I get into trouble. But the take home msg? HAPPY BONES DAY GUYS!!!! WE MADE IT! (Well, almost) AND WE ARE GONNA HAVE FUN WITH THE EP! YOU KNOW WE ARE!!!
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There's a Gwen Fluff Fest. This is my response to "because my back is sore, I want Gwen to get a backrub >:D My inclination is to say Arthur/Gwen, but really, I'll take anyone doting on our darling.... Except Gaius, plz. o.o"
[ profile] hmsharmony was my beta for this, which is completely appropriate since she did a Bones/Merlin picspam that got me hooked on Merlin in the first place ;) Bones is still ma first love tho Colin Morgan is now in my heart;)


Read more... )
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There's  a Gwen Fluff Fest happening that I decided to join. [ profile] hmsharmony graciously beta'd. Here's the drabble for "Gwen/Arthur  Cuddling on the couch (or chaise or whatever, if you go Medieval instead of Modern)."The Queen approached her chambers )


Read more... )



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