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 One of the challenges over at LL required me to make up a fact abt a character from the Show & then s'one else would write fic based on that fact. I LOVED this one so I share it with y'all.

Fact: One summer when Hardison was bored he tracked all of President Bush's speaking engagements & hacked his teleprompter, putting stupid words & phrases (& the occasional Sci-Fi reference) into an otherwise perfect speech.

[ profile] psychicvanity  filled this prompt. She's from Team Thief.

Nana was big on the President. )
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Guys, my boy bestie was talking to me online & said here this is for you. Here thar be reasons for the # of GREAT guys on TV )


Jun. 23rd, 2011 10:47 pm
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u guys? Team Hacker ended up with 298 votes. More flailing gratitude right this way! )
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Yea that might have been overkill but I rly, rly, RLY need u all. Your mission, should you choose to accept it,... )
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Over at [ profile] leverageland , the following challenge was issued:

Job: Create a picspam and story spin off of Leverage using either your personality character, one of the original team members, or a completely new character. 

- Create a spin off with at least five character picspams and descriptions that are in your spin off.
- Your spin off must have a title.
- Spin Off/Story description must be a 100 word min. No maximum.
- Min. 100 word per character description. No maximum.
- Picspam each character with minimum of 6 pictures. You can use any photo, texture, text, blends, etc.

& so now I present (dramatic theme music)
Like Justice, only faster, snarkier & full of explosions )
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 This was done for[ profile] leverageland  's Stay Challenge (write a fic between 100 & 750 words based on the prompt "stay"). You don't watch Leverage & are beginning to feel this is my shameless attempt to suck u into the fandom? Whatever r u talking abt? *halo*
Rating: G
Word Count: 735
Fandom: Leverage
Spoilers: If you know about Sam, ur good.
The Anniversary Job )

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 Alec Hardison (Leverage) & Auggie Anderson (Covert Affairs) r my geek husbands. For [ profile] leverageland  I wrote a meta abt Alec baby which I am re-posting here. It's my first meta 0_o

Alec Hardison, Hacker )

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Joined my first land comm & I must say: I didn't think I'd be able to fullticipate but wonder of wonders, I am making the time. This piece was written for a challenge where we had to invent a character to add to Leverage (Avalon McAllister), pick a celeb to play the character who had never been on Leverage (Rachel Bilson) & write a story of at least 150 words that showed their role in Leverageverse.The gang was gathered in the place formerly known as Nate’s Apartment. )

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 Just joined this comm, hoping to participate even more in Heist 4 & look: a banner! :D (Made by [ profile] seelentraene ).

Heist 3 Banner

Is not my baby awesome? *pets Alec*
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When the going gets tough, mysti goes fangirling )


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