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Over at [ profile] leverageland , the following challenge was issued:

Job: Create a picspam and story spin off of Leverage using either your personality character, one of the original team members, or a completely new character. 

- Create a spin off with at least five character picspams and descriptions that are in your spin off.
- Your spin off must have a title.
- Spin Off/Story description must be a 100 word min. No maximum.
- Min. 100 word per character description. No maximum.
- Picspam each character with minimum of 6 pictures. You can use any photo, texture, text, blends, etc.

& so now I present (dramatic theme music)

After spending some time with the Leverage team, Avalon McAllister saw first hand that even the best get better when their talents are merged and just because you used to wreak havoc in England for the IRA doesn't mean you always have to be on the wrong side of the law. Avalon returned to the UK with an idea in her mind that she couldn't shake: she wanted her own crew. She would call it Karma and she would recruit the best and brightest that she could find in Europe and together they would do what the law could not: they would stop at nothing to help the victims of the rich and powerful and disgrace those who had been preying on them. Karma: like Justice, only swifter, snarkier and accompanied by loud explosions as often as possible.

Avalon McAllister (played by Rachel Bilson)

Avalon (Avi to her friends) has always been fascinated by fireworks and explosions. She grew up a geek in Ireland and routinely made the honour roll. Despite the dangerous nature of her hobbies, she has a very disarming personality and a way with people. She was drafted into the IRA because of her exceptional skill with explosives. Over time, she also developed a reputation as a weapons expert. Very often unimpressed by what is on the market, Avi makes her own weaponry. Anything produced by Avalon McAllister makes MI6's latest weapons look like tools recently excavated from ancient Mesopotamia. Avi's latest joy: harnessing her skills to make those who thought themselves above the law pay.

Dominic Radcliffe (played by Chris Hemsworth)

Dominic grew up in London and met Avalon while they studied at Oxford University. Like the rest of his classmates, he was drawn to her. They dated briefly but Avi broke it off when she realised that he was about to be drafted for a special task force at Scotland Yard and would more than likely one day be tasked with trying to arrest her. Their feelings for each other never faded however. Dominic is skilled in various martial arts and has achieved mastery with all the weapons used by the English Armed Forces. Dominic is rarely in the field, however, due to his advanced analytical skills that have proven invaluable to the Scotland Yard and Interpol in various cases involving the dismantling of international organised crime. Dominic's partner and best friend, Daniel Montgommery "committed suicide" a year ago just as he was about to bring down a coke smuggling ring. No one in his office wants to acknowledge that it was a professional hit that got covered up by a diplomat. Shortly after, Dominic left Scotland Yard and spent his days fishing until Avalon waltzed back into his life with an interesting proposition: head up Karma for her and together, they'd take down this diplomat.

Noah Andrade (played by Jon Foster)

Noah grew up in the States but left four years ago to tour Europe. He is an avid lover of artistic masterpieces (he and Sophie Devereaux once met in front of a Monet in the Louvre and the discussion they had about the one painting lasted four days. Needless to say, he and Sophie became fast friends). Noah's love of art grew into an uncanny ability to steal any item his heart was set on, no matter how heavily guarded or how high tech the security. He has never crossed paths with Parker but he is a great fan of her work. Ironically, Noah has a strong sense of justice, so when Avalon approached him, he was excited to lend a hand with her little enterprise. Easygoing and pleasant, Noah has no problems getting dates except with the one girl he most wants: Bethany McMillan. The fact that Bethany is Avalon's cousin and part of the crew had absolutely nothing to do with his enthusiasm in signing up.

Bethany McMillan (played by Vanessa Lengies)

Bethany and Avalon love each other like sisters. Where Avi is geeky, Beth is suave and regal. The daughter of an international shipping magnate, she is used to getting her own way and having her needs met by a bevy of servants. Spending time with Avi in the McAllister's small Irish cottage was a rude awakening for her but ultimately gave her an understanding for how the other half lives. Serving beside Avi at the church her parents insisted all the McAllisters attend gave her a compassion for the poor which ended her spoiled brat days. After Avi joined the IRA, she pushed Beth away to protect her. Now back in Ireland, Beth has heard rumours that her favourite cousin is heading up a crew to mete out justice...without her? Not on her watch! Desperate to be involved and to prove that Avi doesn't always need to protect her, Beth grifted her way into the mark's life behind Avi's back, granting Avi's crew a veritable all access pass into his shady underworld dealings. Avalon had to concede that the crew needed a grifter and Beth's international connections.

Zoe Carter (played by Kyla Pratt)

Zoe Carter was orphaned at 15 and subsequently raised by her grandmother on their sprawling English estate. Around this time, she discovered the world of online gaming which led to her choosing to study computer science at the University of Cambridge. She met Alec Hardison while playing World of Warcraft and the two are always either working together or trying to demolish each other's records. Secretly,  Zoe looks up to Hardison, though she would never admit it. When Avalon asked Alec for help finding a techie to join Karma, Alec recommended Zoe. The youngest member of the crew at 21, she is already an incredibly gifted hacker and she's learning all the time as she bounces ideas off Hardison. Sassy and sarcastic, she steps on many toes but she is also fiercely loyal. In her spare time, she helps Avi develop tech driven weapons and explosives, often while simultaneously pwning lesser mortals on WoW.

Alec Hardison (played by Aldis Hodge)

Alec is a lover of all things tech. He counts Avi as a friend and was only too happy to lend his expertise to Karma but knew they would need a dedicated hacker like his little sister Zo (he never says that aloud because she thinks she's an adult now, being twenty-one and all). Alec and Zoe spent all of ComicCon 2007 together and afterwards he showed her around California. That was the first time they had met face to face. Now that Zoe is part of Karma, Hardison makes it a point of duty to always know what con they're running and dispenses advice from across the pond when Zoe needs it. Sometimes they run hypothetical scenarios and race to see who could crack the problem first. What Eliot disparagingly and impatiently calls a "geek spiral" Zoe considers "class" and furiously takes notes. When Karma is in between jobs, Zoe sometimes works as Alec's right hand to help him get the hacking done that much faster. In Alec's spare time, he furiously scours the internet for overly sexy pictures of Zoe and deletes them. Zoe thinks this is a game and simply re-uploads them in ways that make them harder to find or remove. There have been vicious rumours circulating that Alec's overprotectivness is the reason Zoe never has a second date. Alec insists that those guys weren't good enough for her anyway and hypothetically, he's sure that if he hacked into these guys' lives (which her would never do), he'd find a history of hereditary disease, or terrible GPAs and Zoe would be glad they never called back.
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