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Guys, my boy bestie was talking to me online & said here this is for you. Why yes, sweetie, there is a reason I made u bff! I legit lost it as I hurried over to their examples of this from Live Action TV. I got excited as I found various shows of mine on the list & as I found myself saying "YES!" many times. Observe:

On Angel, Wesley was maybe not this to start out with, but after Taking A Level In Badass and going all mopey and stubbly and phone-sex-y - damn, the man was fine. As for Gunn, on the commentary to "Waiting in The Wings", Joss points out that he put Fred's squeal of "You're so PRETTY!" upon seeing a tux-ed out Gunn in because, well, it was true, wasn't it? Also, let's not forget Lindsey...YES. Wes started out as s'thing of a joke, sweet, but still a joke. & then he levelled up (gradually) & it made him so hot! GUNN! Ma baby! *pets him* He's just...good looking & a man on a mission & street smart & trustworthy. What's not to love?

Christian Kane is again prime EBB in Leverage as the hitter, Eliot Spencer, who can beat up all the bad guys then cook a five star meal.YES. I kind of liked him. & then he displayed a passion for cooking. I may have proposed on the spot.

He's only gotten hotter as time goes by. The man is the definition of "ridiculously hot", and just when you think he can't get hotter, they get him to play guitar. So true! In addition to all of the above, we see more of Eliot's past & his heart & it just makes u love & respect him all the more.

Hardison has his share of the fangirls too. Age of the geek, baby! That one brief shot when he has to speed-change to pretend to be a weatherman in Nate's apartment. Damn. I am CLEARLY one of his fans *points to journal title* Hardison gets all of the best lines, may be the most expressive/flamboyant of the group & he's a techie. A very good techie. I would be not attracted to him in what universe? It's like he says in The Mile High Job "Oh I'm just hacking into your plane's electrical system via WiFi from [I can't recall what he says next but he's hacking into this plane from an office building, so they're thousands of miles apart]. If you were a geek? u'd be SO turned on right now, I'm just sayin'" Babe? I so am. It was S3 before we saw Hardison not fully dressed. My first reaction was 0_o My geek's been working out!

The paragraph that had me lol & clapping my hands cuz it was true:

Basically the entire male cast of Merlin. After all, when you have a show that includes Anthony Head burning people at the stake and swaggering around in leather as King Uther, Bradley James waving a sword about, looking like a posterboy for Medieval Abercrombie and taking his shirt off at least once every two episodes as Arthur and Colin Morgan doing magic, crying a lot and overloading the screen with cheekbone as Merlin, I think it's more or less fair to say a wide range of tastes are being catered for. And that's not forgetting Sir Leon, Lancelot, the various generally not unattractive Villains of the Week (who have included Adrien Lester, Julian Rhind-Tutt, Will Mellor and Joseph Mawle) Oh yes, even Gaius has his fans... And then Gwaine shows up in series three, thank you Gods of Fanservice!

Srsly...Medieval Abercrombie? lol AND THE KNIGHTS. SRSLY. It's like there's a Farm of Good Looking Men With Amazing Hair that the Merlin cast picker person has access to & that he/she visits whenever we're casting a new knight. Special shout out to Santiago Cabrera who plays Lancelot & Eoin Macken who plays Gwaine.


SO! What did I learn from this exercise?


1. It's not just coincidence that in all of my Shows there are men I want to marry


2. These men have been placed there to lure me but


3. I don't feel bad abt this cuz these r men who have traits that r good & so I should want them. My TV husbands are brave, at the tops of their games, wise, selfless, sweet & fierce. All this proves is that the ppl who write these Shows & I both share good taste in men. & ppl. & plot lines. Keep 'em coming, I say!


4. Srsly, these r the men women should want to marry & men should want to emulate. & as often as the men in my life display these awesome traits I am the first to step up & say I noticed that. I think ur awesome. I'm SO proud of u. I respect u. I love u. I'm praying for you. cuz there are few things that give me more pleasure than being in the company of awesome men & there aren't enough of them in the world, so I rly want to build up the ones I know.

PS If ur one of I think 5 ppl whose prompts have not yet been written, know that I've not forgotten you. Work just got SUPER busy recently. I'm hoping that by the middle of next week it'll slow down enough for me to write the pieces, but abt 3 of them r half written in my head.

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