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In exchange for following these instructions , [ profile] iam_space  got me to write H50 fic. Her (2nd) prompt : As we were left in the finale, Grace and Rachel have flown off to Jersey and Danny is in Hawaii. I'm positive he's keeping in touch with them and has pretty regular phone calls with his Monkey. I wanna "see" these. A series of snippets perhaps? :) 

Title: Unlimited Long Distance
Fandom: H50
Pairings: Danny/Rachel, Grace
Rating: G
Words: 1175
Spoilers: Just what is stated in the prompt.
Warnings: None
Beta: *drum roll* [ profile] tempertemper ;) (It's clear by now that I adore her, right?)


Twelve hours ago, Rachel had gotten a text from Danny.

Babe, so sorry about missing the flight. 5-0’s shot to hell: Steve’s arrested for killing the Gov, Kono is under investigation by IA, Chin is with HPD. Trying to help. Call u when I wake up. So much more.

“So much more”, “more than ever” or just “more” were things she and Danny used to say to each other all the time. It was their way of saying I love you in ever increasing measure. She missed that. She was glad to have it back. And she loved that he knew it would make her uneasy that she left Hawaii without him. And that, as busy and as tired as he must have been dealing with all of the current Five-0 drama, he sent her a message before he got some much needed sleep. Her phone rang.


“Hey, Rach. I’m so sor-”

“Don’t even mention it. What are you going to do?”

Even across five thousand miles she could hear how this was aging him. “I’m staying in touch with Chin, seeing what HPD knows. Steve’s innocent I just have to find a way to prove it. No clue yet about Kono but Jenna is helping me with that.”

“I think we picked the worst time to fly back here.”

“Look, home is wherever you guys are ok? Don’t doubt that for a second.”

“I know. Even more.”

Danny smiled. “More than you can imagine.”


“Heeeeeeeeeeeyy, Monkey! How’s it being back in Jersey?”

“Mommy’s taking me to Grandpa’s house today.” Danny could practically feel her smile.

“She is, is she? Well when you get there you give everybody a kiss for me ok?”

“I will, Danno. When are you coming home?”

“As soon as I can, Monkey. We had a case go sideways here and you know what that means.”

“It’s a case that needs one of the world’s greatest detectives?”

“And who is that?”


“Thanks, babe. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I want you to remember something: Danno loves you.”

“I love you too, Danno.”

Detective Williams sat back in his office chair in what used to be known as Hawaii Five-0’s headquarters. His best friend stood accused of homicide he didn’t commit, Kono was on the hook for money they borrowed to save Chin’s life, Chin was back with HPD, the only person in office with him was Jenna and his wife and two children were miles away. He had never felt lonelier in his life.



“How are you feeling?” Danny asked from his prone position on his couch.

“Fine, Detective.” He could picture the grin on Rach’s face.

“You’d tell me right? No morning sickness, no backaches, nothing?”

“Nope. You have bigger problems.”

“Oh really?”

“Some guy sent over a ridiculous bouquet for me today with a deliveryman who sang, ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In the World’.”

“By Prince? You love that song.”

“I know. What I’m saying, Daniel is...”

“You’re leaving me for this upstart?”

“Mm-hmm. Funny story: his name’s Daniel as well.”

Their laughter was soft as it mingled across the phone lines, before Danny let out a tired sigh. “I miss you. This case just-man! I don’t even know how-“

“Don’t. There’s a reason you are where you are, Daniel. You’re good at what you do. You’ll figure it out.”

Danny sighed contentedly. Her faith in him was soothing and empowering all at once.




His phone rang at 11:30 p.m. She should have been asleep long ago.

“Danno?” She sounded impossibly small and scared.

“What’s the matter with my princess?” he asked in his most soothing tone, unconsciously trying to calm her. She sobbed.

“Monkey? What is it?”

“I-” She hesitated.

“Hey, hey, hey.  This is your Danno, ok? You can tell me anything.”

“I had a dream that you couldn’t find your way home and you were stuck in Hawaii forever and ever and ever and I went to school in New Jersey and the kids laughed at me and said I had no father and there was a boy, Danno, and he was really mean-” The recollection made her start crying again. This was the second week that they’d been in Jersey and he in Hawaii and the fact was killing him before his baby’s mind was churning up these unpleasant dreams when he was too far away to rock her back to sleep.

“Monkey, do you know where my home is?”


“Hawaii? Are you kidding me? Hawaii? No, Monkey. I want you to listen very carefully. Ready?”


“My home is wherever you and your Mommy are. Where’s my home?”

“With me and Mommy.”

“That’s right. I was raised in New Jersey and yet what did I do when you and Mommy left for Hawaii?”

“You quit your job and moved to Hawaii too.”

“That’s right. And why did I do that?”

“’’Cause we are your home?”

“That’s right. And do you think anything could keep me from finding you guys?”

“No.” It did his heart a world of good to hear her speak more confidently now.


“Because you’re a very good detective.”

“That’s right. And the only reason I’m not with you guys right now is because Uncle Steve needs a very good detective to help him with a problem. But as soon as we solve that problem, I’ll be on the first plane out to you, ok?”


“Danno loves you.”

She sighed deeply and contentedly, “Love you too, Danno.”

“You can go back to sleep now, honey?”

“Can you sing me a song?”

“Can I sing you a song, are you kidding me? I’d love to!” He took a breath and began,

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,

All through the night

Guardian angels God will send thee,

All through the night;


“Coming!” Danny yelled. Was nothing sacred on this island? He was trying to catch up on some sleep on a Saturday morning and someone was banging on his door like their life depended on it. If you were in trouble you dialled 911: those people were awake and not slightly depressed by how many hoops you had to jump through to clear your team mates of crimes they may or may not have committed and were not torn in two because they were needed in both Hawaii and New Jersey.

“Alright, alright, I’m COMING!” Danny rolled off his bed, bleary eyed and headed for the door.

“What’s the emer-” And suddenly his weekend just took a turn for the better.

“You said home was wherever we were, right?” He practically mauled Grace and Rachel in his attempt to answer that question. Grace looked from one parent to the other.

“Does this mean home is in Hawaii again?”

Danny looked to Rachel, who smiled and nodded. Danny scooped his little girl up into a fierce hug with one arm while the other pulled Rachel back into an embrace, three sets of arms forming a rough circle and a perfect refuge.




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