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 Ok so this is a little virus going around that I first saw [ profile] tempertemper  with & then both [ profile] huronia  & [ profile] melissasdavid  tagged me so here we go. I have to tag 10 ppl but those 3 already did one so I'm gonna go with these 7: [ profile] hmsharmony , [ profile] iam_space , [ profile] ladybelletrist , [ profile] ladychi , [ profile] madman_magnet  [ profile] stardust_20  and [ profile] simply_taken 

1. I found LJ in my quest for good Bones fic. After reading the umpteenth excellent fic from  [ profile] simply_taken , I decided if I had to sign up before I could tell her how awesome her work is, then I had to join LJ. Her work is that good. &  a good chunk of the non-LJ fic I've seen is that bad.

2. I love stories. I have since I was 4. This explains why I love good novels, good fanfic, various movies & Shows & country & western music. I know when I say I like C&W ppl in my generation look at me like I have AIDS & just asked them to sleep with me, but any song telling a great story is usually C&W & I love it. *g*
3. Laughing is my new fave pastime. The first author I've ever read who was so funny that I was reading her books & trying RLY hard not to lol as loudly, or as long, as I wanted to, for fear that the ppl on the bus with me/in the hair salon with me/in public with me would begin to feel I was insane, was Kristin Billerbeck. I HIGHLY rec her. *g*  Start with either her Ashley Stockingdale or Spa Girls series.
4. I'm from Jamaica. Lived here all my life. Fiercely proud of it. And s'times when I've read s'thing on LJ I have to edit what I want to say abt it cuz how I RLY feel can only be said in patois & as far as I know, most of y'all wouldn't understand it. ;)
5. Like [ profile] huronia , I have a very small core of ppl that I call friends. I'm very friendly tho, so my friends tease me that I know everyone cuz pretty much anytime we're together we'll run into ppl I know that they've never met before.
6. My love for laughing is probably equal to or surpassed by my love for romance. I'm all over RL love stories, or romance novels or romantic comedies. If 2 ppl fall in love anywhere, I most likely will be there with bells on. I also wish that more men were old schl. I love how women were seen as special & to be protected back in the day. In Kate & Leopold I fell in love with Leo partly because of his old schl charm -- u stand when a lady leaves or arrives in a room, you hand write an apology &  make her dinner & take her dancing when u've been asinine etc. Ironically enough, since I was not raised around these kinds of men, whenever a man tries to do this with me, I  usually mess it up. Once when an aunt of mine was giving me & a young man a ride, he went to the passenger side front door & opened it so I opened the back door. He stared at me, confused. My aunt lol'd & said "Hon, he opened the door for you." Whereupon I was like *blush* My bad. Thx!
7. [ profile] sagepat is my RL XX bff. I can frequently be heard saying "Pat, why am I angry/upset/sad?" & she ALWAYS knows. lol. Uncanny, I  know, but 100% true. I love that girl like whoa.
8. I, the hopeless romantic, have never been in love. Why yes, my life is a study in irony.

9. I believe in Jesus but in a very relational kinda way. For much of my life, I've related to Him as Friend & Rock. We've been thru a ton of stuff together. 2009 was my Year From Hell & rly shook my faith & yet...even tho I tried to leave Him (as much as a person can evade the Divine) I just failed miserably. I kind of have accepted that I can't get rid of Him. Which is oddly comforting.

10. Children. I don't have any. But having lived with my surprise younger bro (my mom thought she was in menopause but wait no...she was pregnant! 0_o) I realised just how much work these small humans are & I have resolved not to have any without a husband. cuz I want s'body TIED to me who gets that these babies? r non-optionally also his responsibility. If I had my way, I'd similarly tie trusted family members & my core friends to all my offspring so we'd all help raise them & would hopefully not get exhausted trying to keep up with them. Also, I have started looking at babies & small children with srs longing...I feel as tho if I don't marry some awesome guy soon, my uterus will protest by finding a way to be an agent of parthenogensis.

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