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In exchange for following these instructions , [ profile] iam_space  got me to write H50 fic. Her (2nd) prompt : As we were left in the finale, Grace and Rachel have flown off to Jersey and Danny is in Hawaii. I'm positive he's keeping in touch with them and has pretty regular phone calls with his Monkey. I wanna "see" these. A series of snippets perhaps? :) 

Title: Unlimited Long Distance
Fandom: H50
Pairings: Danny/Rachel, Grace
Rating: G
Words: 1175
Spoilers: Just what is stated in the prompt.
Warnings: None
Beta: *drum roll* [ profile] tempertemper ;) (It's clear by now that I adore her, right?)


Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you )




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Title : Danno & Monkey
Rating: G
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (A fact that makes[ profile] iam_space  giddy, I'm sure *g*).
Spoilers: None
Summary: Danny & Gracie's early days
Pairing: Danny/Rachel
Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise. Which you know. Because if I did, I'd have moved to Hawaii already. And Alex, Scott, Grace & Daniel would be on my speed dial. Absolutely no copyright infringement intended.
A/N: After I saw Danny almost obliterate the housing commissioner I instantly made him Father of My Offspring. If[ profile] iam_space  & I ever fall out? It will be on the grounds that she claims he's her boyfriend. As if! ;) [ profile] tempertemper  The Wonderful beta'd for me *g* Also read is HILARIOUS!


Danny had never loved anyone the way he loved Rachel. )


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