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 Ok so this is a little virus going around that I first saw [ profile] tempertemper  with & then both [ profile] huronia  & [ profile] melissasdavid  tagged me so here we go. I have to tag 10 ppl but those 3 already did one so I'm gonna go with these 7: [ profile] hmsharmony , [ profile] iam_space , [ profile] ladybelletrist , [ profile] ladychi , [ profile] madman_magnet  [ profile] stardust_20  and [ profile] simply_taken 

Step right up! )Step right up! )
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Ok so I already did this earlier but a happy happy, ecstatic birthday to the lovely, fun & strong [ profile] simply_taken . Sweetie, I hope ur day is made of win...that many wishes come true & that the year ahead is AMAZING beyond belief.
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Acoording to the BGA Countdown Clock of Squee, we have abt 10 hours b4 S6. 10 HOURS! I am getting giddy with excitement. Unfortunately, I have to be on the road today BUT I'm coming back for the premeire & ep discussions & the like. (Of Course). I just wanted to mark the AWESOMENESS that is Bones Day with a post. And to say that the hiatus (& the seasons) r enriched by frenz who share the love for Show. Big thanks to the wonderful BGA Comm ...the ppl there r an absolute delight to experience Bones with. AND of course, mad love for [ profile] tempertemper & [ profile] melissasdavid  who have encouraged my madness :D (& suckered me into watching Angel :( Ok ok ok...Angel = funtiems, except when Joss is off shafting me) and the wonderfully STRONG & FUN [ profile] simply_taken  AND [ profile] madman_magnet  WHO TOGETHER WITH ME ARE AVOIDING ALL SPOILERS, EVEN PROMOS. YOU GUYS ROCK. And special love to [ profile] madman_magnet  who, on the Eve of Bones Day, made her first LJ comment ever & uploaded her first userpic. I am so proud of u bb! And so happy to help suck u into my addiction u be part of the fandom :D Also to the lovely [ profile] hmsharmony  who not only loves Bones, but Merlin as well (all of u need to watch Merlin...srsly) & [ profile] ayiana  and [ profile] ladychi  for the lovely fic. Ok, if u've written lovely fic & I've read it I've commented on it so u know :) I'm going to stop name calling now b4 I get into trouble. But the take home msg? HAPPY BONES DAY GUYS!!!! WE MADE IT! (Well, almost) AND WE ARE GONNA HAVE FUN WITH THE EP! YOU KNOW WE ARE!!!


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